Repost from StyleBluePrint Memphis: Easy Stuffed Mini Pepper Appetizer

RECIPE: Super Easy Stuffed Mini Pepper Appetizer

Liza Graves

The end of summer brings an excess of many fruits and vegetables, which can leave you scrambling trying to figure out how to use them. One such item is peppers. If you grow jalapeños, bell peppers and more, you know what I’m talking about. If not, perhaps you’ve noticed an abundance at farmers’ markets and your local Kroger or Harris Teeter. Take advantage of the abundance with a super easy appetizer for your next tailgate or gathering.

I made this mini pepper appetizer for the first time this past summer when I was searching for an easy pick-up appetizer for a large family gathering. They were scarfed down, so I made them again to similar results.

You’ll need some latex gloves, as part of this pepper mix should be jalapeños, and you’ll be cutting and seeding a bunch of them. You’ll need goat cheese, cream cheese, Lawry’s and some herbs of your preference. And, squeezing lime juice across them at the end really does add the final touch that you don’t want to skip.