Winter Recipes from Cacao-Barry: Banana Crémeux


Banana Crémeux

1,000 g Banana puree 80 g Lemon juice

20 g Gold gelatin leaves 140 g Granulated sugar 2 g Ground nutmeg

1. Bloom gelatin in cold water. Melt banana puree 1/3 hot and keep 2/3 cold.

2. Mix the 1/3 banana puree with sugar and boil. Add gelatin and temper with the 2/3 cold puree.

3. Set in flexi mold of desire shape 2 cm high. Freeze.

4. Cut them in desire shape before using and keep frozen.

Praliné Feuilletine

480 g Cacao Barry Hazelnut Praliné 50%

240 g Cacao Barry Pailleté Feuilletine

50 g Cacao Barry Lactée Barry Équilibre 36%milk chocolate 10 g Cacao Barry Deodorized Cocoa Butter

1. Melt chocolate & cocoa butter until warm but not hot.

2. Mix praliné with feuilletine. Add to the chocolate until well blended.

3. Spread about 3 scrapers worth of the mix per silpay-lined tray.

4. Roll, reserve, and freeze.

5. Cut in desired shape for insert.

Chocolate Amer 60% Dark Chocolate Mousse

500 g Milk

315 g Egg yolks

85 g Granulated sugar

785 g Cacao Barry Chocolate Amer 60% dark chocolate 395 g Whipped cream, medium peak

1. Beat yolks & sugar. Boil milk and temper with yolk-sugar mixture. Cook to 85°C.

2. Pour over chocolate and burr mix.

3. At 45°C, add whipped cream and fill mold of choice with mousse.

Lactée Barry Équilibre 36% Whipped Cream

225 g Heavy cream

115 g Cacao Barry Lactée Barry Équilibre 36%milk chocolate

1. Boil cream. Pour over milk chocolate and burr mix. Reserve for 24 hours before using.

2. Whip mix like regular whipped cream to soft medium peak. Do not over whip.

Banana Nutmeg Cubes

125 g Water

500 g Banana puree

5 g Agar agar

125 g Granulated sugar 0.5 Lemon, zested

1 g Nutmeg

1. Mix sugar & agar. Boil water & banana.

2. Add dry ingredients and re-boil.

3. Let set until firm. Cut into small cubes for garnish.

Chocolate Microwave Sponge

80 g Melted butter

3 Whole eggs

90 g Granulated sugar

1 pinch Salt

60 g All-purpose flour, sifted

15 g Cacao Barry Extra Brute cocoa powder

1. Mix eggs, sugar, salt, sifted flour, & cocoa powder. Finish by adding melted butter last.

2. Pour into ISO gun with 2 cartridges.

3. Spray a paper cup with cooking spray and poke a hole in the base. Fill cup halfway with mix.

4. Cook in the microwave 45 seconds.

Lactee Caramel Mirror Glaze

75 g Water

150 g Granulated sugar

150 g Glucose

160 g Sweetened condensed milk

60 g Gelatin mass (6:1 water to powdered gelatin)

150 g Cacao Barry Lactée Barry Équilibre 36%milk chocolate

1. Cook water, sugar, and glucose to 104°C.

2. Pour over chocolate, condensed milk, and gelatin. Burr mix.

3. Set overnight in cooler before use.

4. Melt in microwave to 35°C for glazing.


1. Fill fleximold 1/3 full with chocolate mousse.

2. Place a banana cremeux insert in the center.

3. Fill remainder of the mold with more chocolate mousse.

4. Place a disc of praline feuilletine crunch the size of the opening on top, flush with the top of the mold. Freeze.

5. Glaze mold with mirror glaze topped with a bit of piped whipped cream.

6. Decorate with chocolate garnishes as desired or according to photo.