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December Promos & Seasonal Specials

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December Seasonal Specials

Vacche Rosse

Vacche Rosse

$16.00 per pound 5 lbs. wedges # 058960

This parmesan is produced exclusively with the milk of the rare Reggiana red cow โ€“ a traditional breed of the region and considered to be the โ€˜motherโ€™ of parmesan cheese. The milk from these cows is much higher in solids โ€“ allowing the cheese to be matured for longer periods and to develop an amazing depth of flavor. It is fruity, nutty, creamy and incredibly even on the palate.


Stilton with mango ginger

#741504 $7.99/lbs


Beemster Grasksas

#737320 1/28lb - - @$7.55/lbs

Beemster Graskaas is a very special and seasonal cheese produced only in the summer season. This unique cheese is made only from the milk of the Beemster cows, which are fed on the young spring fodder. Milk, taken during this specific period, is the creamiest milk of the year, which accords the cheese a rich and creamy consistency along with a deep flavor.


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